Budget Earbuds Good Sound and Astonishing Price

True wireless earbuds are the epitome of audio convenience and are considered the future of portable audio. With no wires to tangle you, an average mobile battery supply provided by their cases and the standard presence of touch and voice controls. They have the efficacy to be that most attractive of gadgets, which melt into the background of your life and get the job done.

This usually comes at a price. True wireless earbuds are markedly more expensive than their traditional wireless brethren; until recently they’re no longer reserved for those with money. Fortunately for those of us working within tighter budgets, there are plenty of true wireless options even for those that have $50 to spend on a pair of headphones. Recently, JLab Audio took the wraps off of the new JLabJbuds Air True wireless earbuds, which command a premium for their intricate designs. They’ve got a great feature set at a great price and promise to deliver an exceptional experience; which is what makes the JLab JBuds Air both enticing.

Do the JLab JBuds Air headphones live up to the JLab name? We put them to the test to find out.


Purchasing the JLab JBuds Air affords you two pairs of proprietary Cush-Fins, three pairs of ear tips, a charging case with an integrated USB cable, and the true wireless earbuds. The inside of the packaging is user-friendly and displays the earbuds’ advanced controls.


An astonishing price that will have your eyes popping out and wallet widening in anticipation with the JLab JBuds Air. They sell for a mere $49.99, making them among the most affordable true wireless buds we’ve seen on the market. However, with the JLab Jbuds Air, you very much get what you pay for.


The JLab JBuds Air uses a genuinely wireless design formula, with a unique twist of their own. Like most true wireless earphones, they’re completely wireless, snapping magnetically into a case that also provides them with battery life.

They’re also subtle, and that’s something we appreciate. Each earbud has a small JLab logo on its outside, and that logo doubles as a button. What that means is that it’s straightforward to find the buttons; thanks to their textured feel, which is always helpful. The buttons control things like volume and playback. Apart from the earbuds themselves, you’ll also find the relatively small and curvy pillbox-like case which is quite well-designed; and it features an integrated USB charging cable that is built right into the case. The USB cable, which you’ll unwrap from the bottom of the case to plug it into a computer or charging device, then fold it back in when you’re done.

On the front, there are three LED lights, two for indicating the charge of the earbuds, and the middle one to show the charge level of the case. They’re certainly a snug fit for our ears, and we’d no worries of them falling out if working out; that’s not bad for a pair of $50 headphones.


JLab Audio has a good track record when it comes to making comfortable, truly wireless headphones and the JLab JBuds Air earbuds are no exception to that rule. The earbuds are relatively light, which helps ensure that they don’t get overly uncomfortable quickly, plus they’re certainly a snug fit for our ears, and we’d no worries of them falling out if working out. We probably wouldn’t recommend them for really rigorous activities, but for the most day- to day operations they’ll stay in your ears perfectly fine.


Innovative Charging and Extra Hours

Their innovative case does do an excellent job of keeping charge anytime. Its 500mAh capacity offers about ten extra hours of juice for the buds, which hold around 3 hours of continuous playback; which gives you enough power to get through those music moments.

Hassle-Free Connection

Providing hassle-free technology the headphones connect to your listening device through Bluetooth 5.0 and that they retained a pretty good connection.

Awesomely Durable

JLab JBuds Air acquired an everyday proof with an IP55 sweat resistance that helps the earbuds hold up against dust and moisture, meaning a bit of gym-sweat shouldn’t be a problem for them in terms of durability.


Customizable EQ3

At $50, it’s hard to expect the JLab JBuds Air to sound great, but in reality, they exhibit a good sound quality. Sure there are a few quirks to consider, but in general, the JLab Jbuds Air sound great for their price range. One of the fantastic things about these headphones is that they come with custom EQ3 sound options that can be set either through an accompanying app or by clicking either earbud’s button panel three times to tune the Jbuds Air sound to your personal preference by cycling between the JLab Signature, Balanced and Bass Boost option. We found that for most listening, “Balanced” was the best way to go.

Let’s start with the bass, which is thick, heavy, and powerful. At times we found that the bass tipped towards muddy-sounding, but it wasn’t too over the top, and that was more in the Signature and Bass Boost settings than the Balanced one. We were impressed with the overall power offered by the bass, even if it overshadowed the rest of the frequencies at times.

Their signature sound tends to hollow out the midrange to emphasize very heavy-bass beats. The result was that vocals sometimes took a back seat to bass, but not too much.

The high end semed well-tuned, but the fundamental frequencies generally overshadowed it. Still, the sound quality is pretty good for a pair of earbuds in this price range; we would have wanted the highs to be a little louder.


The JLab JBuds Air are tempting at their Astonishing price point. The headphones are not only generally well-designed and more comfortable, but they also sound relatively good too; which is great news for those looking for a pair of good true wireless headphones and offer the convenience that makes the form factor so appealing. They’re not the best, but they’re one of the smartest approaches to spend $50 on wireless earbuds.